K’s Army

I remember the day the day she was born. Hell, I even remember when I found out I was getting a new baby sibling. My big brother and I were so excited. I was 10, he was 12 and our little sister, M, was 3. M was a colicky baby and toddler, and my brother and I tended to fight over who got to spend time with her…even though us being around her often overwhelmed her. My brother (A) and I were hoping for a boy; he is my only full blood siblings in a huge blended family where he is the only brother, surrounded by 6 sisters. On our dad’s side, A the oldest, I’m the second, M is third, and K is fourth. Continue reading “K’s Army”



Part One:
I don’t think I know my worth. In fact, I can say I’m fairly confident I don’t know my worth. I don’t particularly recall the last time I felt worth and what I based it on. I’ve been told for so long, by so many different people, in so many ways that I am just not enough. What I do isn’t enough. Continue reading “Worth”


I post so much less than I thought I would. I know I began this blog with no promises of consistency, but I feel terrible about how many posts I haven’t been able to read. I miss reading what all of you have to say. I don’t know if any of you miss what I have to say…but I miss being able to articulate what I experience. Continue reading “Exhausted”


I admit, my writing has been scarce lately, and yeah I never promised consistency, but I didn’t plan to be a once-a-month poster…I needed to write to make sense of what goes on in my head. I need to get my thoughts out and I’ve let other priorities take over. Continue reading “Work”


I’m turning an age in a week, so it’s got me thinking about birthdays in general, but my experience specifically. I was born close to the beginning of September…a Labor Day weekend in the United States, where I was born/live. Labor Day falls on the first Monday of September and is often the last weekend of Summer, before school starts the day after Labor Day for my school and most of the surrounding districts. This meant that my birthday went forgotten.  Continue reading “Birthday”